Friday, September 9, 2016

Russian Horde VS Otto Carius


So here I'm honoured to present a very first battle report on this blog!

Eastern Poland, year 1944. Soviets hordes are roaming arccos polish fields. They managed to get German retreating forces by surprise and surrounded them. On terrains of small village the battle begins!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

My own Gaming Table - Forest


So as it was announced, here is the next post form "My own Gaming Table" series. However this one, have an important change!

I'm happy to present Marcin Szmyt as second author on this blog, you will find here more of his work soon :) (all his post will be translated from original polish version). Marcin is a well experienced modeller and his work is well known amongst Polish FoW players, I hope you will like it too!

Monday, August 29, 2016

New Polish FoW sezon 2016/2017 - How to preapare to tournaments! Part 1


First of all a little background of my profile. I'm playing Flames of War since 2015 (in tournaments) and this is my first miniature system so there is a still a lot to learn :)

My own gaming table!


So let's finally talk about the most import aspect of Flames of War... where to play it?

So after 2 years of my FoW interest I decided to finally get my own new and shiny gaming table! I waited so long because in my home city there was always a place to play, so why I decided to have my own?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Home made bushes.


I was always wondering why a lot of gaming tables have empty green areas. In real life you will see there a lot of small and big bushes. Of course the big ones can give a nice cover to advancing troops.

Therefore lets make few :)

Idea is simple, have some big bushed on HDF basis (it will be easy to deploy and move them) and put them around table on green areas to make the board more "realistic".

This was first time when I was doing those and the idea how to make them came into my mine accidental during one of my games.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


So... the idea of this blog was simple. We are playing Flames of War and we love to make stuff (models, terrains etc.) Therefore why not show it to others? :)

The main theme of this blog will be Flames of War ( game with everything that relates to it (especially gaming board) so you will find here posts about game itself, models and terrains.

Another plan is to publish a post at least once per week, we will see if we will manage :)

See you soon!